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Legendary Ventures: Freedom, Integrity, & Creativity

Legendary Ventures was founded to help you feel more freedom in your life. We help provide this freedom through three main categories:

Health and Fitness Products

We work every day to help you feel better with our health products so that you have the freedom to enjoy life – look the way you want, have more energy, and feel great again. We commit to providing proven, researched, wholesome, natural ingredients in all of our product lines. Check out HealthyLivingAssociation.org to see many of our health products.

Self-Reliance Products

From our Renegade Gear line of outdoor, self-defense and survival gear to our information lines of books, blogs, and DVDs, we’re working to give you peace of mind that you are prepared for any situation. Learn more at our self-reliance websites: SelfRely.com and PatriotPrivacy.com.

Finance – Investing

We strive to make finance and investing safe, profitable, and fun with our newsletters and alert services.

Taking Care of You.

We work with experts to design only the best product for our customers,
and pride ourselves on giving excellent customer service.

If you see our name (or our former name, Freedom Writers Publishing) on your credit card statement and aren’t sure what you purchased or who we are, please contact us and we’ll take care of you!

And remember, we always have our money-back guarantee, so know that you’ll be taken care of.