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About Us

Legendary Ventures: Helping everyone we touch – our customers, partners, affiliates, and employees – feel more freedom in their lives.

Imagine the feeling of being prepared when a crisis strikes. When your family and neighbors aren’t ready, but you’re able to help them because you know what to do, and have the innovative and useful tools and supplies that are needed.

Or, Imagine the feeling of having no pain, losing those unwanted pounds, or having more energy to play with your friends and family, without taking un-natural pills from “Big Pharma.”

After seeing other companies sneak customers into monthly auto-bill programs without them knowing or selling the same old products (I mean how many “tactical flashlights” are out there? Or, yet another white-labeled “Garcinia” product to lose weight?), we founded Legendary Ventures (originally Freedom Writers Publishing) to give customers what they want:

  • Products that really WORK,
  • That they knowingly purchase and sign-up for,
  • With a no-questions asked, one-year refund policy,
  • That gives them the freedom they want and deserve!

To create these products, we work with experts such as Chris Peterson, Dr. Ralph DeGuardia, Dr. Patrick Conrad and many others to deliver unique, high-quality content and products to the marketplace.

The founders, Kriss Bergethon and Chaz Shively, are two, fiercely independent entrepreneurs in Colorado with the same core values of freedom, no-glitz results, integrity, and wanting to help as many people as possible.